Afghan Film LAUNCHES Lajward Film Festival

Afghanistan- Afghan Film Festival Attracts Local, Int'l Nominees |  MENAFN.COM

The celebration will be hung on November 21 to November 30.

Among the 200 movies submitted to the celebration by the Afghan and unfamiliar producers, 55 motion pictures were chosen to contend in the celebration.

Afghan Film was set up 50 years prior, however this is the first occasion when that the substance is delivering the banner for a celebration.

“Holding celebrations is very significant for the improvement of film,” said Afghan entertainer Assad Sikandar.

“I am truly pleased to be included on this banner,” said Mahal Wak, Afghan entertainer.

The executive of Afghan Film, Sahra Karimi, said the reason for the celebration is to ensure the privileges of the Afghan ladies in the harmony cycle.

“We spread this excellence in banners, on boards and stickers everywhere on the city. The individuals who are Taliban, the individuals who have Taliban philosophy and the individuals who need to join the Taliban should see that the present ladies in Afghanistan are not the ladies 20 years back,” said Karimi.

Albeit a huge piece of the money related necessities of the celebration will be paid by privately owned businesses, however the Ministry of Information and Culture has contributed 250,000 Afghanis.

“We have included motion pictures made by Afghan producers from everywhere the world,” said Mariam Jahanbin, celebration coordinator.

Chosen films for the celebration will go on screen in 15 spots in Kabul.

The sculpture of this celebration is beautified with purplish blue and gold.