Investors – Decisions by Govt Council Remain Unimplemented

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The Union of Construction Companies guarantees that a few choices by the High Economic Council—drove by President Ashraf Ghani—remain unimplemented, restricting privately owned businesses’ admittance to government tasks and pushing them towards breakdown.

As indicated by the association, one of these organizations is the Tadbir Cobblestone Company in Chahar Asiab territory on the edges of the city of Kabul that was set up with an underlying venture of $1 million, yet its tasks are halted as it has not been granted an undertaking regardless of a choice by the High Economic Council two years prior.

More than 200 laborers have been left jobless as the organization has ended its activities, the association authorities said.

“The choices are not actualized appropriately as they ought to be. No wide based appraisal is completed. This adds to the issues looked by development firms,” said Bashir Atashban, top of the Union of Construction Companies.

“In the event that somebody has any grumbling, he can submit it to the Administrative Office of the President,” said Dawa Khan Menapal, an official representative.

Reports gave by authorities of Tadbir Cobblestone Company show that the High Economic Council in its fourteenth meeting three years prior endorsed on a basic level tasks for asphalt of trams, chronicled locales and walkways and coordinated the Kabul Municipality and the Urban Development Ministry to configuration required designs for the ventures and hand it to Tadbir Cobblestone for usage. In any case, authorities of the organization said they haven’t got any venture from any administration foundations up until this point.

The organization authorities said they have executed an asphalt venture in Kart-e-Se region in the west of Kabul two years prior.

“On the off chance that our work had proceeded, we would have had the option to pay five to 6,000,000 Afghanis to the administration every year,” said Mohammad Shekib, proprietor, Tadbir Cobblestone Company.

“The undertaking is suspended throughout the previous three years because of absence of financial plan and absence of required offices,” said Mohammad Zaheer, the delegate head of Tadbir Cobblestone Company.

An asphalt venture incorporating 3,000 square meters of territory in Darulaman Palace has been executed by Operation and Support Office of the President for National Development (OSOPND) with the assistance of certain organizations. Be that as it may, the task has not been executed with required quality, as indicated by specialists.

Notwithstanding, Fahim Safi, the head of Darulaman Palace venture, safeguarded his work, saying that the “made an honest effort to do the asphalt like its unique.”

As indicated by Kabul Municipality, anticipates for asphalt of 15 kilometers of streets are under acquirement measure following late choices by the High Economic Council.

The district’s representative Samira Rasa said 31 kilometers of streets have been distinguished for asphalt ventures.

“The excess seven kilometers will be under acquisition measure sooner rather than later,” Rasa said.

In light of the measurements, every kilometer of asphalt with seven meters wide costs in excess of 19 million Afghanis while the expense of 1 kilometer of asphalted street is assessed 17 million Afghanis.