1. I am posting notes to a group of eight or so U.S. congress people (Senators, Representatives and political candidates and have been doing so for several years. These posts have had some accuracy and relevance regarding global events, including an often states observation that the confronation in Panzhir wasn’t over and we should expect a furiuous and wide escaltion because of Panjshirs strategic position within Afghanistan, the neighboring nations of Central Asia and related stresses as far afield as Iran, India, Pakistan, China and the numerous other global nations and alliances that can not even pretend to be indifferent, For instance, two nuclear armed nations that routinely exchange gun fire (India and Pakistan) have just angrily criticized each other at the opening session of the United Nations about everything, and will certainly be alert to impending threats. All of the so-called nuclear club have to be concerned; but there will be sufficient attention to discourage hostile, holocaustal behavior against the Panjhiri by frustrated actors. This is a strong, strategic position for the Panjhiri to play out, for the long game. Play the long game. As we have to admit the French just did when they almost immediately announced in favor of the Resistance when you declared yourselves. And now, from reading news reports about regional support, miitary and otherwise, that was a very intelliglent choice. Similar intelligent, strategic Choice could be imprinted on the global public consciousness if the Resistance explained itelf, within the thick of crisis, in terms favored by the Democratic Party in Washington; as “Building Back Better” and favoring “Human Infrastructure”, over the next twenty years; unlike what’s occured over the previous twenty. That will have resonance.

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